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Toro Financial Planners (Pty) Ltd is a Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 26012), approved and regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB). Toro Financial Planners is authorised to provide financial advisory services and financial intermediary services in respect of the following products: Long-term insurance, pension fund benefits, securities and instruments (excluding share block companies), money-market instruments, debentures and securitized debt, warrants, certificates and other instruments acknowledging, conferring or creating rights to subscribe to, acquire, dispose of, or convert securities, bonds, derivative instruments, deposits and participatory interest in one or more collective investment schemes.

Contact details of FSP:

  • Physical address: 20 Cross Street, Ferndale, Randburg, 2125
  • Phone: (+27) 011 886 1227
  • Fax: (+27) 011 886 1057
  • Email: info@mytoro.co.za
  • Webpage: Toro

The name and contact details of the compliance officer of the FSP: Crux Consulting Compliance Practitioners (Pty) Ltd

Toro Financial Planners holds professional indemnity insurance cover. We cannot accept any responsibility for advice rendered where material facts supplied to us are not accurate and properly disclosed. In the event that a full needs analysis is not performed, we remind you to take particular care to consider the appropriateness of our advice in the light of your objectives, financial situations and needs.

If you elect not to conclude a transaction recommended by us, or not to follow the advice furnished by us, or to receive less information and advice than that offered, then you may be exposed to risks, and you should take particular care to consider whether any product or investment selected is appropriate in the light of your needs, objectives and circumstances. Please note that we are bound by anti-money laundering legislation, which requires us to report any suspicious and unusual transactions to the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC). All complaints must be reduced to writing and submitted to Veloshnie Naidoo at info@mytoro.co.za or at PO BOX 4395, Randburg, 2125. Complaints may alse be directed to our compliance officers mentioned above. A copy of our complaints policy and procedure is available on request.